Product portfolio : Bright Nickel

• Highly flexible process suitable for different substrate with excellent chrome receptivity.
• Ability to achieve good levelling on poorly polished substrate.
• Suitable for single and multi layer nickel plating systems for both plating on metals and plastics.

• Suitable for both rack and barrel application.
• Exceptionally high low current density brightness and levelling.

• Two component addition system to produce highly bright and ductile deposit.
• Suitable for high brightness requirement with low nickel palting thickness.
• Highly active deposit with excellent chrome receptivity.

Product portfolio : Nickel

• Advanced semi bright nickel process to meet all automotive and other specifications. 
• Highly noble deposit provides consistent electro potential difference reference to bright nickel layer.
• Excellent ductility and corrosion resistance. 
• Tools to control sulphur co-deposition to meet specific STEP values.

• Functional additive system to achieved required sulphur incorporation.
• Negative electro-potential value of 15-30 can be consistently achieved.
• Highly active deposit act as a sacrificial layer in multilayer nickel plating system.
• Strike deposit of 1-3 micron between semi bright and bright nickel to improve appearance rating after corrosion.


ChemTech Surface Finishing
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