Product Portfolio : Soak cleaners

NPE -Free non etch cleaner for Aluminium and plastics 

NPE-Free low temperature soak cleaner for ferrous & non ferrous 

Low temperature soak cleaner for ferrous and non ferrous metal.

NPE -Free cleaner for Aluminium and Alloys , also suitable for plastics.

Product Portfolio : Electro-Soak cleaners

NPE-Free cleaner for Soak and Electro cleaning for Copper, Brass and Zinc castings.

NPE-Free heavy duty Soak and Electro cleaning for Steel.

NPE-Free heavy duty Deruster and electro cleaner for Ferrous metal.

Product Portfolio : Electrolytic cleaner

•NPE-Free Electro cleaner with high conductivity for steel.
•Very good rinsing ability so most suitable as a final stage Electro cleaner.
•Built in tolerance to hexavalent chrome contamination.

Product Portfolio : Acid cleaner / Activator

•Excellent oxide removing capability for best surface activation prior to plating.
•Best activator for Zinc casting, Copper, Brass, Steel and Aluminium.
•Suitable for Nickel activation for replating.
•Rust and Scale removing capability from steel .

Product Portfolio : Aluminum pretreatment 

Non fuming long life alkaline etching of aluminium. 

Ready to use cyanide free zincate process.

Cyanide free multimetal zincate for Aluminium alloys for excellent adhesion.


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